18: 7 Figure Success: The Backstory with Jenna Faith

If you have ever wondered what goes on in the mind and behind the scenes of a 7-figure businesswoman online this conversation is for you. Listen in as TaVona gets to ask Jenna Faith (formerly known as Jenn Scalia) ALL THE THINGS about her life as she built her 7 figure business.

They discuss:

  • Why she feel called to change her name after building a 7-figure brand.
  • Being the mom of a toddler and what it took in the beginning to build a legitimate business that’s sustainable.
  • How to deal with judgment and criticism in business and being triggered.
  • Challenges of success in the online space when it comes to men.
  • Transparency in business and breaking down income versus expenses as a 7 figure owner.


Entrepreneurship made me fat: https://jennscalia.com/how-entrepreneurship-made-me-fat/

Breakdown with numbers of how she made $100K in 90 days: https://youtu.be/hPV7VRK7B5s

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