19: From Burnout to the Beach with Marilyn Fontaine and TaVona Denise

In this special conversation, Marilyn Fontaine, spiritual coach for creative women, leads the conversation with TaVona about what it takes to launch and run a business with ease from TaVona’s home in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

  • How long it took TaVona to reach 6-figures and achieve the live and work from anywhere lifestyle.
  • Success, shame, and trauma and how to know if you are having a stress/trauma response in your business..
  • Why it’s actually a GOOD thing when you notice negative emotions and triggers coming up and how we support ourselves through that time.
  • The funny reason Marilyn thought she wasn’t a “proper” life coach.
  • What a typical week is like for TaVona living and working near the beach.


Unstoppable Success: How to FINALLY Create the Body, Business and Lifestyle You Want

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