2: Living the Digital Nomad/Expat Life with Claudia Sidoli, Cristina Roman, Dalia Kemble, and Lauren Ciesco

Living the digital nomad/work from anywhere lifestyle sounds glamorous and many on Instagram make it seem glamorous, but what is it REALLY like? Listen in as TaVona chats with other women in business who are living the digital nomad lifestyle.

They discuss:

  • The difference between being a digital nomad and an expat
  • Dating in another country
  • TaVona’s secret for learning Spanish more quickly
  • Little annoyances that they had to deal with in the their home country that they did not have to deal with in their new country
  • How to know if you should take the leap

Connect with our guests:

Claudia: https://www.instagram.com/claudia__sidoli/

Cristina: https://www.instagram.com/piquecoaching/

Dalia: https://www.instagram.com/city_to_hippie/

Lauren: https://www.instagram.com/laurenciesco/

Resources Mentioned:

The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris


Google Translate

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