23: Removing Co-Dependency from Your Business with Victoria Albina

Do you ever wonder what your clients, colleagues, friends, or family think about you?

If yes, then it’s normal. It’s natural for us human beings to care what other people think about us.

As we grow up, we develop beliefs about ourselves based on what others tell us.

The problem is when we care so much about what they think that we abandon our authentic way of being and our desires based on what we believe others might think of us.

Once you start sacrificing your own happiness and goals in order to make others happy, that’s the moment you need to untangle yourself from codependent thinking.

In this episode, Victoria delves into codependent thinking and how to remove codependency from your business.


02:02 – What is codependent thinking?

04:55 – Why do women fall into codependency?

09:03 – How to unravel from codependent thinking

15:53 – Overcoming the fear of doing the emotional work

17:30 – Codependence within a launch

22:59 – Interdependence vs. Codependence

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