24: The Ups and Downs of Creating a Coaching Certification with Erin Nicole

Many people are drawn to the concept of entrepreneurship, which can be overwhelming in and of itself, but what happens when you decide to create a coaching certification?

In this episode, Erin shares her journey of creating Quantum Ripple Effect.

We talk about business pivots, challenges encountered, dealing with imposter syndrome and feedback, business pivots and lessons learned developing a team.

If you are thinking about growing your business to the next level, you do not want to miss this episode.


04:12 – Why hustle culture is toxic for entrepreneurs

07:22 – The impetus for creating Quantum Ripple Effect

11:24 – How to turn impostor syndrome to trust

14:45 – Challenges in creating the coaching certification

18:02 – Ways to be receptive to feedback

20:35 – Business pivots and pivot pains

26:22 – Lessons learned by growing/developing a team

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