27: Consent Based Sales with Grace Edison

Did you know that trauma can show up in the buying experience? Not just for you as the seller, but for the buyer?

This is how some people have been taught to sell and although it works, it feels gross.

If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur, you will want to tune into this episode where TaVona speaks candidly with Grace Edison, expert in sales about consent-based selling.

This approach allows us to recognize previous/existing traumas and empowers us to serve our clients better.

They also discuss how to ethically use waitlists and fast action in your selling, while taking care of and being sensitive to your clients.

You do NOT want to miss this conversation!


00:25 – Consulting for sales

07:49 – Thoughts on waitlists and fast action price

13:35 – Retention rate of fast action

16:33 – Trauma-informed sales

24:52 – Importance of consent based selling

28:55 – Care and sensitivity to clients

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