28: Reflections & Relationships

Over the past several months, my goal with this podcast has been to shed light on some of the things that we go through – the good and the bad – as women building businesses online, and share the conversations I have with the brilliant women in my circle.

We’ve talked about…

Dating, divorce, friendship

Being the breadwinner and building a business with a newborn

Depression, codependency and trauma, dealing with failure

Being a digital nomad versus living a regret-proof life

… and so many other important topics

I hope that the conversations and the stories shared here gave you valuable lessons. More importantly, that you felt that you are not alone.

As I close out the final episode of Coaching & Conversations, I want to invite you to continue the conversation with me on instagram @TaVonaDenise.

Also, if you’re wondering, how do I know so many people? I thought I’d share my secret with you. Enjoy!


02:30 – Build relationships (networking)

04:49 – Show up in places where you genuinely want to be

06:03 – Show who you are

06:37 – Ask for what you want

07:36 – Keep in touch

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