The Difference Between Coaching, Consulting, and Courses


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If you’re new to the world of online marketing and/or coaching it can feel near impossible to navigate through the plethora of courses offered on this topic. Walking into something new already feels like opening the floodgates. When your news feed is jam packed with countless opportunities to learn the ropes, it’s not easy to discern where your time and money is best spent. The good news? Even if you took a course you felt like wasn’t the best fit, 10/10 times you can find at least one good thing you got out of it!  But, what happens if you didn’t even finish the course…..? It’s okay, we’ve all been there! Maybe, what you’re trying to get from a course is really best received through consulting, or coaching. What’s the difference? How do you know what to do when and furthermore, how to define the services YOU offer to others? Listen as TaVona guides us to clarify the lines among coaching, consulting and courses so you can have confidence in which will fill the gap in your business.

Get Unstoppable Success: How to FINALLY Create the Body, Business, & Lifestyle YOU WANT.

About TaVona Denise: Physical Therapist, turned life + business coach and Founder of the Thrive Network for Women in Healthcare who want to make more money & help more people on their own terms. The process of getting clear about the lifestyle you want and designing a business to support it starts with a single conversation.

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