Getting Into Real, Raw, and Honest Conversations

Have you ever wondered what women building a business REALLY deal with, think about and talk about?

Get ready to hear real, open and honest conversations that TaVona Denise, Master Certified Life Coach & Business Strategist has with friends and colleagues as they discuss what LIFE is like as a woman building a business online.

In this episode, TaVona gets real, raw and honest with you as she shares:

The gap she saw in the online space and why she started this podcast

One of her biggest fears about putting herself out there

What Tim Ferriss has to do with all of this


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TaVona Denise is setting a new standard for how coaches create the lifestyle they started the business for. She created the SIMPLE Launch Method™ to help coaches and consultants launch and fill their group programs without burning out.


TaVona is also the author of Unstoppable Success: How to Finally Create the Body, Business and Lifestyle You Want and the voice behind the podcasts, Coaching and Conversations and Breaking Protocol.


When she is not handling business, you’ll often find her singing karaoke, reading a book or practicing her Spanish.

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