Indecision Fatigue

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Many people have become familiar with the term “decision fatigue” as illustrated by Steve Jobs notoriously only wearing black turtles necks. Knowing what you’ll wear everyday is a way to limit the decisions you need to make within a day which then frees up mental space for the more important decisions to be made wisely throughout the day.

But fewer talk about the flip side of this coin. We are in the age of information overload and there are always 50,000 options for one simple thing in your business. Turns out the inability to make a decision creates a whole new kind of fatigue. Let’s save the energy it takes to constantly bounce between 17 different options and clarify the trajectory of our businesses.  In this episode, TaVona will help us see how indecision actually will lead you to more work and inevitably more fatigue. Moreover, she shares a simple strategy that requires only a pen and paper that will knock out indecision fatigue before it has the chance to manifest.

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