The Launch Clinic

The Launch Clinic​

3 days to turn your launch from one that is overwhelming, complicated and stressful into one that’s fun, simple and brings in clients you can’t wait to work with.
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Behind the scenes of a launch, you will typically find one of 2 things:


Coaches who complete the first or second launch of their program and feel disappointed, devastated or depleted.

If you fall within the first category, then your experience probably went one of two ways:

You got through your first launch, you had high hopes.

You took massive action and you did ALL of the things.

You followed the roadmap, the blueprint, the checklist to a T and you didn’t hit your launch goal. Maybe you only got 1 or 2 clients and you were devastated.

(I know in some ways you wish you got ZERO instead of 1 or 2 to sign up.)


The first launch of this program was a huge success…but the second one tanked.

And now you are seriously doubting yourself and cannot shake the thought that the first one was a fluke.

Coaches who are launch veterans and feel like they have plateaued or feel pressure to outperform their last launch.

If you fall into the second category, this isn’t your first or second rodeo.

Launches are a part of your business model and they are successful.

At this point, either you’re doing pretty much everything by yourself and you’re at capacity and you are wondering how to get to the next level without burning yourself out.


Your launches bring in lots of clients and cash, but they don’t feel amazing.

Even though you have a team and you’ve done several launches, they still come with a bit of dread and/or a LOT of pressure to outperform the last one.

They are this thing that comes in a few times a year and takes over your life.

So much so that either your family knows it’s “all hands on deck” or they know to leave you alone until you climb out of the launch hole.

And although the clients and cash are great, you’d like to figure out how to launch without disrupting your lifestyle and/or your mental state.


And if you are either type of coach, let’s be clear.

Your business is not a side hustle for you.

You are not doing this just to replace your income.

In your mind’s eye, you see yourself being one of “those” coaches someday.

You know, the ones with the wildly successful businesses and big name programs and thousands of followers and the clients who scream their praises from the rooftops.

Because you are confident in your message and you are really good at what you do.

Your clients get incredible results and you want to get more of this goodness into the hands of the rest of the world.

You know the way to do that is through your launch.

Regardless of which category you fit into, you're trying to figure out how to have a launch that gets results without having to cut off all contact with the outside world before your launch, being obsessed with the numbers during the launch or feeling disappointed or depleted afterwards.

I’m willing to bet that you are asking yourself…


  • Should I change the offer?
  • What if I don’t have the right audience?
  • Maybe I should have sent more emails?
  • What if the price is too high?
  • Maybe I’m just not cut out for this?


  • I’ve been doing this for so long, shouldn’t this be easier by now?
  • Maybe I’ve hit my own ceiling?
  • How can I streamline this so it can run more smoothly?
  • Who else do I need to hire so I can finally breathe?
  • Maybe I should switch to an automated launch process that runs without me?

I know how you feel because I have been there.

Devastated after the launch that didn’t go how I thought it would.​

Exhausted after the 6-figure launch and ready to give up my business, if that is what having a successful launch was going to take.

This work has allowed m