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28: Reflections & Relationships

Over the past several months, my goal with this podcast has been to shed light on some of the things that we go through – the good and the bad – as women building businesses online, and share the conversations I have with the brilliant women in my circle. We’ve talked about… Dating, divorce, friendship Being the breadwinner and building

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27: Consent Based Sales with Grace Edison

Did you know that trauma can show up in the buying experience? Not just for you as the seller, but for the buyer? This is how some people have been taught to sell and although it works, it feels gross. If you are a heart-centered entrepreneur, you will want to tune into this episode where TaVona speaks candidly with Grace

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2: Reestablishing Self-Trust After Traumatic Investments with Taylor Ver

Self-Trust is ESSENTIAL to creating the life you want. However, we’re constantly bombarded with other people’s ideas and opinions and tend to seek their approval and guidance – believing they know better – rather than trusting our own instincts. Hence, the insecurities, self-doubt, and fear of failure. If you find yourself constantly doubting your authority, start looking inward and watch

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22: Negotiating Depression and Business with Sunni VonMutius

Entrepreneurship is already challenging, but how do you manage when you are also dealing with depression? In this episode of Coaching & Conversations, TaVona and her guest, Sunni VonMutius, get real about their experience with various forms of depression and how they manage to deal with it while running their businesses. They discuss: 01:50 – How to shift from being

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21: Falling in love with your brain with Laura Swartzbaugh

It’s one thing to SAY fall in love with your brain is the key to success and another to MEAN it. In this conversation, TaVona gets to chat with Laura Swartzbaugh, stroke survivor and authenticity coach. They discuss: Using coaching tools against yourself and how having a stroke shifted her relationship with her brain. Thoughts that don’t go away, no

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20: Time Hacking with Vikki Louise

What do you do when you are the breadwinner of the family, launching and have to reduce your work hours to 5 a week because you are pregnant? TaVona has an in-depth conversation with Vikki Louise, about hacking time, becoming a reformed hustler and creating a $250K month. They discuss: What failure, your nervous system and having space to recover

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