That's What She Said - Praise & Testimonials

I reached out to TaVona because I needed some assistance with my plan. I needed to have the project ultimately go somewhere and I needed an end result. When we got on the call, I instantly loved TaVona’s tone and approach. Throughout the entire call, she was comforting and unobtrusive, even when I was clearly clueless about the process, and her approach was very “This is what I’m thinking” not “Do this and do that.” Just these two things made it so easy to get clarity on my project! And to top it off, TaVona gave me some great tips and a structured plan on how to create my vision. I’ll definitely be working with her again!Angela Zimmerle,
I set up a call with TaVona because I was looking for guidance and wisdom around moving into a serious coaching business. And I have to say, she was so good at listening to my situation and then asking pertinent questions I’d never thought of before … and just that gave me so much clarity! Probably the biggest a-ha for me though was digging deep to find out what my endgame is. And answering, “What do I want my life and business to look like in the future?” Envisioning this and all the components of it (coaching online or offline, the number of clients I want to reach, etc.) gave me a lot to think on and figure out. I can’t believe how much value TaVona gave. The fact that she gave her time to talk with me and give me solutions is invaluable, and I can’t thank her enough! Dawn
I contacted TaVona because I was feeling confused about how and where to start as far as getting my product and name out into the world, and within just 5-minutes, TaVona had made it all so clear—she’s brilliant! Not only that, but she’s professional and has amazing ideas—I still can’t believe how much clarity I received in such a short amount of time and can only imagine how great long term coaching with her would be!Alison Sherwood,
I decided to coach with TaVona because I was interested in creating an online marketing plan … one that would not only work, but that would genuinely connect me with potential and ideal clients. TaVona helped me create a freebie offer and helped me realize that I could do other offers as well, and now the ideas are endless! TaVona understands the online coaching world, and for someone like me who wants to travel as they build a business, this is essential. She listened intently, was sensitive to my experience, and was able to give my great clarity! Ellie
TaVona listened to what I needed and gave me exactly what I was hoping for—clarity and concrete, actionable steps I could use to move forward. And I’ve now come up with a short list of topics that I’m passionate about and am using those to guide my social media posts. The great thing about TaVona was that she really understood where I was with my business and she was able to break down the steps I needed to take to get moving and unstuck. I'm so grateful to have connected with her, and I love that she didn’t give me complicated things to do—she saw where I was struggling and helped me identify specific things I needed to do to move forward!Jessica del Grande
I was unsure about how to get customers, so I decided to do a call with TaVona to see if she could help. And she did. She gave me so much clarity, and helped me realize how many commonalities there were between friends I’d coached and potential clients. TaVona is great for clarity and accountability and she helped give me so much direction in such little time. Robyn Michon,
I decided to do a call with TaVona because I wanted to learn how to effectively use a toolkit that’d been offered in one of my Facebook groups. I learned a lot more than that though. My major a-ha was definitely that I needed to stop trying to achieve perfection and just do it and put myself out there. And I’d definitely recommend others who need a boost of confidence or real-actionable steps to achieve something, to work with TaVona. I enjoyed our call so much, and truly appreciate the sound advice TaVona gave and that everything she offered could be implemented immediately. LaMarr-Renee
Before working with TaVona I was a little hesitant about my sales conversations. I was hesitant to work with a coach because I thought I was paying for something I already knew. By working with TaVona, I was able to put the knowledge into action and save me time by providing me with the resources I need in this phase of building my business. Working with TaVona has helped me to think differently about my sales process. I am more confident just picking up the phone and asking potential clients about their desires/desired outcomes and biggest frustrations with weight loss.  She was a great help in accountability, she invested in me, and took time to get to know me so she was able to tailor our sessions to my best use of time and money.Diana Murphy,
I came to TaVona because I was stuck. I wanted clarity on my business and how to start earning income. During our time together, she helped me recognize that a lot of language I use keeps me at a lower vibration. TaVona really helped me realize the power I have inside me. I didn't even realize I already knew what I needed to do until we talked. She helped me own my power, change my words and get moving again in my business by providing clarity. She showed me it was ok to not know everything and I know now I really can do what I -want for myself and my business.Loreal Moss,
I had the most amazing session with TaVona about creating my business and moving towards leaving my 9-5. She is a magic maker for sure! Anyone who is struggling with taking that leap be sure to see TaVona to get you focused, little bits you can work with, and a game plan!Sarina H.
I got an amazing amount of clarity and direction. To spend 30 mins with you was just the kick in the pants that I needed. I have accomplished more since our session yesterday than I have in the past 10 days....Thanks TaVona!!!!!!Chris D.
I reached out to TaVona because I needed some direction and guidance after taking some time off.  She helped me get clear on the result I wanted to create, the beliefs I would need to have and the exact action steps I would need to take to get that result. Now I have clarity and focus! TaVona is extremely organized and strategic in her thinking / planning. Barbara Foxworth,
Working with TaVona provided me with the perspective I needed to tie together some ideas I had been working with. Her clarity and questions provided the direction I needed to move forward!Suzy Rosenstein,
I wanted to work with TaVona because I know I need assistance, sometimes even a "swift kick" and I felt we connected.
 She helped me break down the two projects I needed to have complete weeks ago, into "bite size" pieces so I could finally start making progress. TaVona is "real", not a cookie cutter replica that some "course" said you were supposed to be. She truly had my best interest in the forefront, and took enough interest in my daily life to create a plan that would work for my lifestyle.Rhonda Hudgins
After working with TaVona I realized I was blocking my own creativity. I was stuck in the I don't know land... She saw things that I was not even thinking of and coached me through it, helped me see why my systems were not working and even helped me put together an email funnel for future clients.  Not only is TaVona my go to business coach, she is a mind ninja and knows her stuff. She is always willing to go above and beyond and will help you see things that are "blocking" you in a different way. I would recommend TaVona, to any person looking to elevate their business to the next level. Skye Tyler,
I have always said that I know what it takes to lose weight, I just don’t know what to do to get started. As a busy entrepreneur, there are so many reasons why exercise is not a part of my life. One conversation with TaVona and I no longer had those same excuses! Through our session, I discovered I had a huge mindset block when it came to doing what it takes to lose the weight. I was so excited after our session that I started implementing the three simple strategies she gave me that night! She takes excuses off the table!Shan B.
One hour was all I needed. I had a question and so I called TaVona. I wanted to know HOW to sit with a feeling and how to not be CONSUMED by that same feeling. TaVona walked me around, and into, my own thoughts. She helped me to sift through and find the thoughts that were helping and the ones that were hurting. With her gentle voice and honest encouragement, I was able to learn WHY I was thinking what I was thinking, and what to do with the feelings that came with those thoughts. She was skilled, knowledgeable, and open. That one hour with TaVona gave me the confidence I need to be able to work with my thinking and emotions on my own. I finally understand how to have an emotion without it HAVING me!After that one hour with TaVona, I have found that the skills she taught me have indeed benefited my thought/feeling patterns in all areas of my life. And I know that if I need some more fine-tuning exactly where I am going to go!Adrienne C.
Instead of some quick fix that requires 7 days/wk of exercise and a 900 calorie diet, TaVona was able to break it down for me in 15 minutes. She makes you feel like, hey, I can actually do this and I don’t have to hurt or starve myself in the process.Tanisha L.
Yes, I have lost weight since I started working with TaVona, but even better than that, I feel great about myself and my relationship with food no longer feels like a chore or a thing to check off my to-do list.I find myself to be less angry, less grumpy, and less tired. I have more energy and more patience and am finally able to take time for myself without feeling bad about it!What I liked best about working with her was the knowledge she shared with me, especially the examples on how to pay attention to how I feel when I am hungry and to think about what my stomach is telling compared to what my mind it telling me. She helped me realize that it is ok for me to take time for myself to gather my thoughts. Working with her helped me feel good about my day to day To-Do’s instead of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.She definitely helps you get to the bottom of the weight problem and provide tools towards your journey to an existing life ahead.Lucia C.
Before working with TaVona, I really felt that my brain was broken. I had spent lots of money and time trying to figure out why I couldn’t lose weight and was getting nowhere. I felt stuck, like I was destined to feel crazy around food forever I didn’t realize there was a way out! Now I have real tools to use to solve my problems and feel better when I start having negative thoughts and want to eat. It is empowering and freeing, and has helped me to lead a happier life day to day. I am less frustrated with my kids, fight less with my husband, and I’m happier with myself and in my own skin.TaVona’s approach is way outside the box. She really knows how to get to the issues that are behind the weight that will actually improve your way of life. She is SO much more than a weight coach.If you are considering any weight loss or self-help program, I would say that working with TaVona is the FIRST thing you need to do, so that you can open your mind and learn how to re-think things.Bianca J.