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Healthcare Wellness Society is for a new breed of a healthcare professionals.

One who values freedom and flexibility.

We know that the only way to have true autonomy is to have your own practice.

We find the space between fun and work.

We leverage technology to help more people than we ever could in a clinic.

Our commute is to our living room, co-working space or wherever we choose to be.

We think differently.

We treat holistically.

Healthcare Wellness Society members define their own destiny, shatter glass ceilings, solve problems, and redefine healthcare.


Connect and collaborate with other PTs who are growing wellness practices

Be able to share ideas and ask questions from the unique perspective of healthcare professional + coach

Get access to resources to help you build your business


Meet the Founder

I’m TaVona Denise, physical therapist, certified life and wellness coach, business mentor on a mission to save as many women PTs as I can from burnout, boredom and glass ceilings. I have spent the past 10 years learning, studying and teaching online business and started this company after watching too many PTs burnout and leave the profession because they felt like they had no control, no upward mobility and no community.

It almost happened to me. I felt so alone for so long, one foot out of the profession because didn’t think like everyone else. I was not interested in working for anyone but didn’t want to open a clinic, and I felt more excited about attending a business or coaching conference than CSM.

It wasn’t until I went to my coaches’ mastermind and found 2 other PTs, that I felt home. Their friendship, advice, and perspective as a PT + coach have meant so much to me that I want to extend that to as many other women PTs as I can, knowing that it will change our lives AND the profession.

If you are a PT + health/wellness/life/fitness/performance coach craving connection, community, and momentum in your business.

I invite you to join us.

When I asked TaVona to speak to PTAG members about burnout, the passion in her voice made me feel that I had made the right decision. After benefiting from her presentation and getting feedback from others both during and after the webinar, my feeling was confirmed. She communicates professionally, uses research effectively and has figured out how to overcome burnout in our profession. She is tackling a problem that has been overlooked for a very long time. 

Webinar attendees described her as passionate, determined and knowledgeable. TaVona is changing lives with this information combined with her insight. She is not only saving PTs from burnout. She is helping PTs remember why they joined the profession in the first place and that results in improved outcomes for our patients. 

Katherine Sylvester

TaVona is an incredibly insightful and inspiring person. With her many years of experience as a PT, she has a deep understanding of what makes the rehab world so incredible, as well as the factors that lead so many of us to burn out. In addition to having such keen insight, she is remarkably good at keeping people on track and goal-oriented. She’s motivating and engaging, and makes you realize you ARE capable of having the career of your dreams. TaVona is the type of person who can meet you where you are, too. If you’re just getting started, she’ll help you identify what’s next, and plot out a roadmap to get there. But even if you’re already making strides in your life, her strategic mind will stretch incredibly far and work with you to get you to that next level. Meeting TaVona has been such a blessing on many levels. Not only is she an incredibly talented life coach with a PT background, she is simply a good person who makes you feel good about the future. You will not regret working with her! 

Meredith Castin

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